Individual Counseling


Whether you are going through a difficult transition, feeling lost, or unsure of yourself, I can help. 


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  • Have you been feeling like you've been struggling alone and need someone to hear you?

  • Have you been feeling as though you are going through the daily routine of life and not fully experiencing it?

  • Have you been feeling like you've been critical of yourself and wish to have more compassion?

  • Have you been feeling distant or indifferent and hope to be more open and connected with the world?

  • Have you noticed that your day revolves around people-pleasing and would love to feel authentic?


Varady Counseling Services can help.

You are not alone. Millions of people every day struggle with the hardships of depression and anxiety. At Varady Counseling Services we provide individual counseling to help those suffering from symptoms of anxiety, depression, relationship and self esteem issues, as well as others. Our goal is to be a support system and resource for you as you explore stuck patterns in your life and begin to make significant changes to create a fulfilling life.  

Personal change takes support and commitment. At Varady Counseling Services, we provide an opportunity to understand difficult feelings, thoughtfully consider relationships, and find a sense of well-being in a supportive environment. I'm here to help you find the tools and strengths so you can start making successful changes.


There is HOPE. You can make a difference in your life and start down a path to happiness.